Some of my favorite products:

  • Earth Balance buttery spread (in a tub):  My husband and I did a blind taste test with three different spreadable margarines and this was our favorite for eating on plain bread. They recently came out with a soy-free version, which I've been enjoying but I haven't done too much recipe testing with. So far though, it seems to have a similar consistency and flavor.
  • Ghiradelli Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips :  Look for the yellow package. Some of their other chocolate chips contain dairy ingredients. These taste way better than the Nestle brand chips I was buying for years.  
  • Rice Dream Bites: Chocolate covered "ice cream" bites (in the frozen section)  

Disclaimer:  I am not a doctor or an expert.  Please check with your doctor about the specific foods that you/your child can safely eat.  No one in our family has a life threatening allergy to milk and therefore we can eat products that are manufactured in facilities where milk is present.  Some of the products, information, and recipes on this blog are not suitable for people with anaphylactic allergies to dairy.  

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