Useful Websites
  • Go Dairy Free Information overload!  I found this website overwhelming and difficult to use when I first eliminated dairy from my diet.  It has since become more user friendly and has lots of recipes, a ton of information about restaurants (including specific menu items), and lists of dairy free products. 
  • Vegetarian Times You can search specifically for recipes that are dairy free.  
  • If you are blindly looking for a recipe, type in "vegan" + whatever it is you want to make.  The recipes are rated by users so it's better than just doing a random google search.  
Blogs I enjoy:  
  • For the Love of Food A friend of mine started this blog because she has a lot of food allergies including dairy, soy, and gluten.  A great resource if you have multiple food allergies or are into healthy eating.   
  • Orangette Not dairy-free but I really love this blog.  She is a new mom and I like her writing.  

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